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Step 1: Get Fed Up

Updated: Apr 16

Welcome to my 6 part series - Turning Your Remodel into a Reality. I will be posting one step per week for the next 6 weeks. Here's Step 1: Get Fed Up

Go on, you heard right. Get fed up! Pitch a fit! I’m talking to the level that would make most two year olds do a double take.

I’m looking for the kinda fed up that comes from not having any counter space in your dated kitchen and finding out you have to host a dinner party to friends who have tons of counter space and other modern conveniences, in their newly remodeled kitchens. ERRR!

Or when you’re late for an appointment and you can’t find your keys because there is no place to put them, not to mention your shoes, coats and whatever else you need when you are rushing out the door. OH! THE FRUSTRATION!

Or what about the bathroom that has absolutely no storage and the color tile looks like it was vomited up from the 80’s. OKAY, a little too graphic, but you know the bathroom - UGH!

Or how about, you've just arrived home from vacation, after staying at a beautifully designed property where you enjoyed the luxury of a well designed space only to walk into what looks like your old college apartment. You don’t dare have anyone over because it's been decades since college and your interior does not match who you are now and the level of success you have accrued in your career. D'OH!

And lastly, it's that feeling you get when you think about how your house is bursting with stuff that has no home and you can’t find anything when you need it. Which is beyond annoying!

My point is when you fire up the engines of dissatisfaction, things start to move. This gets you to the place where you've had enough. You find yourself not taking it anymore and demanding change. It's going to move you into action. So let the frustration take over, get pissy, scream into a pillow, declare you’ve had enough, because then you will be ready to commit to the next step.

Now that you have declared under no uncertain terms, that you are not going to live this way, I must congratulate you because you are on your way to creating a space that meets your needs.

Use this opportunity to become clear on what you do want. Use what is not working to help you identify what you want to work in the future. How you want to move in that space? What’s the feeling you want to have? Write it down. Keep it simple. For example, I want more counter space in the kitchen. I want the location of my pots and pans near the stove. I want a double oven so it's easier to cook ahead for a large party. Instead of living with constant feelings of frustration of having a space that doesn't meet my needs allow yourself to think about what you do want.

So let yourself get fed up, you won’t stay in that place, I PROMISE.

Next week I will reveal step two, in my 6 part series - Turning Your Remodel Into a Reality. I assure you it will have you smiling. And in case you can't wait to get the space of your dreams I can help you now. Just shoot me an email and we’ll schedule a time to talk, and you can start moving through the steps right away.

Cheers to the momentum of dissatisfaction!



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