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Interior design is about creating a space that supports you. It’s about uncovering your joys in life and figuring out a way to have them around you in an authentic way. It’s about finding ways to support your lifestyle and activities that you love to do. It’s not about acquiring things you don’t use or filling unnecessary space, but rather, giving meaning to the things you choose to have in your home and your life. 

Interior design is about embracing your authentic self and letting your unique blend of history, life experience and point of view, transcend into your home and bring meaning to it.  

When we decided to remodel our kitchen we asked for recommendations from a variety of people. Our contractor recommended Karin.


In our initial meeting I was struck by how well Karin listened, and the kinds of questions she asked. 


Over several rounds of design discussion, I appreciated how she offered suggestions that reached across the spectrum. Some I liked right away, and others surprised me. Having Karin lay out multiple options helped us consider things we would not have imagined ourselves. Two of the things I most love about our new kitchen happened because she was there to suggest them, and give us the confidence that the new elements would work. I really appreciated how timely she was in revising drafts, and making sure everyone was in the loop.


Karin was a professional through and through. She accompanied me to the cabinet showroom and helped me sort through the never-ending details that make up a kitchen remodel. She drafted plans, which were edited and revised multiple times as the design evolved. She also accompanied us to tile, granite and fixture showrooms. She sat in on meetings with the contractor and cabinet maker, which was really helpful. 


I cannot offer a higher recommendation. Along with being reliable, creative, attentive and professional, she was also personable. When we do future remodels on any part of our house, I will be calling her.


Debbie C


One of my favorite sayings is, "Problems are opportunities." I love the power that "opportunities" provides in this statement and how the word "problem" is a means to an end. In design, problems bring about change and the call to action. Design is about creative problem solving, each project has its own challenges, creating a puzzle to solve, and I love solving them.When starting a project, there are many choices and decisions that have to be made around these challenges. As your designer, I help you navigate these challenges by tailoring a unique solution that is truly you. 

Karin Winsweiler has been working in the design field since the early 1990s. She began her design career working for one of the Northwest's most reputable and renowned curtain manufacturers while earning her degree from Bellevue College in Interior Design. This experience was invaluable as it tapped into her love of textiles and her ability to create custom one of a kind furnishings for her clients. Soon Karin's clients were interested in using her design talents for other areas of their homes, and in 2000, Winsweiler Design was founded.
Karin's design approach is light-hearted and unassuming. She is dedicated to solving her client's design challenges and creating a space that is truly theirs while being practical and environmentally thoughtful. She has a keen eye for detail, and her ingenuity is never lacking.
During her free time, you can find Karin puttering around in
her garden, finding treasures at flea markets & antique stores, and enjoying the outdoors with her husband Jon and daughters Hope and Joy.

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We met Karin Winsweiler when we moved into a new house in West Seattle in 2007. We asked her to help us choose such things as new furniture, area rugs, and wall colors. She did that and so much more, creating a coherent interior design that not only made each room look great, but also carried themes from one room to the next. We were very happy with the result. Over the years we have asked her for other design advice as we have continued to work on our house. She did the design for three bathroom remodels, has chosen many wall and cabinet colors, and most recently helped us redo our finished basement, which includes a living room, dining room, kitchen, bedroom, and full bath. Her work continues to be outstanding. Just as importantly, we thoroughly enjoy working with her because of her patience and sense of humor that makes the experience fun. For all these reasons we also unreservedly recommended Karin to several friends who have been equally pleased with her work.


William G

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