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I’ve never worked with a designer before, what can I expect?


Working with a designer should be a fun and rewarding experience. Fun, because you are focusing on your project and dreams, and rewarding because you now have someone working for you that will turn them into a reality. Some clients consult with Winsweiler Design when they get stuck on their project or realize that it's too overwhelming and they need help. In this case they may just need a few hours of consultation to get back on track, while others prefer assistance every step of the way.


WD offers many services to fit your needs and is committed to guiding you through the design process while creating a design that gives you that special something that will be distinctly yours, setting you apart from the rest. If you're curious about the process, check out the How It Works page. Or, If you have a project you would like to discuss please contact me, I’d love to hear from you.

I have my own contractor, is that okay?


Absolutely. My main focus is to work with you to create the best possible design for your home and lifestyle. I am happy to work with whoever is performing the work, and realize that a successful project is a team effort.   

What if I started a project and now realize that I need help?


No worries, this is quite common. No matter the job, I always start with a paid consultation to determine what you need to get your project going again. By the end of our visit I'll have a good idea what needs to happen in order to get things moving and can provide you with a quote for the rest of the design. If you move forward with the design within 30 days, I will rebate the cost of the consultation back to you, saving you time and money while keeping your project moving forward.

If you would like to learn more about the consultation, click here.

How will my contractor know what to do?


As part of the design, WD provides you with drawings that graphically illustrate the design for your contractor. If you don’t have a contractor yet, no problem. They also serve as valuable tools for the bidding process when it comes time to finding one.


Most designs typically include floor plans, elevations, details, sketches, etc. However, what you receive is dependent upon the complexities of the project and are determined during the consultation when we establish the scope of work.  

After we settle on the design, will you be available to help me deal with issues that come up during construction and make sure the design is being implemented correctly?


You bet. There are all sorts of situations that can come up during construction, some relate to the  structure and can impact the design, while others may be questions that the construction crew has about a specific detail. Both should be addressed before work continues, not after.


On larger projects, I usually discuss having weekly or bi weekly meetings at the site to address such issues. For smaller projects the visits may be on a “as need” basis. These visits and meetings are essential for a successful project. Not only does it save you money (not to mention less stress) because questions are addressed, mistakes are caught beforehand and the schedule is kept. It also ensures that the design integrity & objectives are maintained, leaving you with a wonderful space to enjoy.

Do I have to purchase items from you?


No, you are free to purchase items such as furniture, fixtures, paint, etc. directly depending on the manufacturer/business. Some clients prefer to purchase through WD because we track merchandise, and deal with any issues that come up during shipping, such as damage and incorrect orders, we also coordinate delivery. For clients that desire unique and customized items only offered to the trade, we will need to facilitate the purchase of these items, per the supplier's request.

Do you work with odd shaped rooms or small spaces?


Yes, small and odd shaped rooms are a secret love of mine. I think challenging spaces are wonderful opportunities to create something special; it forces me to think outside the box and truly be creative. You would be surprised to discover how much room you can gain by creative space planning.

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