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Cooking With Light In Madison Park


Kitchen needs update - limited changes due to plumbing constraints.


Clients want the space to feel light and airy, yet warm. New custom cabinets to fit their needs, new flooring, new high end appliances, add new overhead ventilation.

Turja Kitchen 011.jpg




My solution:


I put together a beautiful calming, and warm color pallet with custom-stained dark floors and custom white cabinets, paired with granite that had a nice movement that helped disguise kitchen counter messes and embodied the colors of the space. I accentuated the cabinets by adding a detail of dark wood between the crown and the cabinet to pick up the rich floors and draw your eye up.

I designed the cabinets to accommodate vent ductwork that went through the side of the house. This enabled my clients to do away with the downdraft cooktop that they hated and replace it with a professional one, with drawers to store pots and pans below.


Scale and balance are key elements when working through the details of a design. 

I think things through so you don't have to. 

Turja Kitchen 028.jpg


My solution:


To direct your eye from the large skylights over sink, I placed a series of sconces in a row to draw your attention downward in a subtle way that did not fight with the repetition of the skylights.  The added light helps at night to fill the black void that the skylight create when its dark outside.



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