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Group of builder team planning and discu

Are you getting ready to dip your toe into the world of construction?

Is there a big remodel in your future? Do you have plans to build a houseAre you resizing for the next chapter in your lifeWhichever the case, it won’t be long till you’ll be faced with a slew of questions that need answers. These decisions can be overwhelming and leave you feeling like you are going down the wrong path when it comes to your project.

Are you achieving the overall feel and look for the space? Is it cohesive and make sense? Are you picking out appropriate materials and finishes? Are you staying in budget? Are you able to work out the details so you can get a firm bid?

The endless details go on and on, and gets more difficult when friends and family offer their opinions. What starts off as being an exciting new project can soon leave you feeling overwhelmed, full of self doubt, and with your contractor breathing down your neck because your willy nilly decision making is throwing his schedule off.


Interior of a house under gut renovation

Now is your chance to partner up with a designer that can move you through the process in a fun and informative way, and make your dreams come to life.  


During our consultation we will discuss your plans so you can gain some clarity and direction. Discussions can include but are not limited too:

Architectural and Interior designer and
  • Touring the areas of your current home that you want to remodel and getting honest, unbiased, professional feedback and ideas. 

  • Review construction drawings - answer questions and provide feedback.

  • Going over examples of things you like, and ways to implement the look into your project.

  • Feedback and advice on finishes - help edit your selections. 

  • Determine furniture layout options


Whatever your situation might be, I will be happy to meet with you and discuss your ideas, concerns and any challenges that you are facing.

At the conclusion of our session, you are free to carry on with the advice and clarity that you received during our session together, or if you are interested in receiving a quote for design services for your project, I am happy to prepare one for you. I will even rebate the cost of this visit back to you, if you move forward with your design quote within 30 days.


Don’t waste your chance to get it right, instead, get the help and direction you need from an experienced designer to make sure your project turns out amazing!


Cost of initial consultation:

$250 for up to 2 hours (rebatable within 30 days of signing design quote)

Are you ready to get clarity on your project and move forward?

 Yes! Let's get together for a consultation!

I can't wait to share my ideas about your project!

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