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Madison Park Powder Room 


Home owner wanted something more updated for this small powder room. It was a tight space - only 12" between door and wall which limited options.  


An updated look that is stylish and different, high quality. 

Turja powder room 017.jpg


My solution:


My entire design came from finding a 9" sink that would work in the limited space. I went wall to wall with a custom counter making the room look larger and more functional by providing counter space. I designed a mirror to match and placed scones on the wall to frame them. The painted stripes act as jewelry and further amplifies the uniqueness of the space.




During construction

Can you imagine figuring this out on your own and having it turn out looking right?


It's all in the details!

Paying attention to the details, such as correct heights and placement of lighting, etc, are key to a successful design.

I figure those details out for you and keep you from making costly mistakes.

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