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Bringing it All Together in Capitol Hill


Clients moved into historic home on Capitol Hill and their existing furnishings did not fit nor was it the look they wanted. They bought a sofa for the space but then got stuck and needed help with a vision and finding the pieces to make the room.


Make warm and cozy, love modern look but with a cozy, traditional feel to it.


My solution:  

To warm up the space I picked out a lovely gold paint color for the walls. I found a fabulous art deco pattern fabric that I used for the windows and pillows. It picked up the gold and introduced teal to the room which was just the punch of color the room needed. I added a cool chair and ottoman in these room colors and anchored them with a traditional rug bringing red tones to break things up and add another pop of color. I found two amazing mid century asian prints that tied this room together. This gave way to an interesting, sophisticated, with a dash of pizzaz, space.

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