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Are you clients costing you money ?

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Are your clients...

  • lacking a clear vision of what they want?

  • making bad decisions that you know they will complain about later?

  • looking to you to fill in the details of their vision?

  • throwing off your schedule because they can't decide on finishes and details?

Have you considered adding an Interior Designer to your team?


Let my skills and process make you
more money and your life easier


consult with homeowner



try out ideas on paper

work out and note details which gives homeowner and team clear expectations


happy clients and photo worthy projects

Packages designed to make life easy and increase profitability. 

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A little guidance

Meeting to move things along and get some direction

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A helping hand



A block of time designated to selecting finishes and working out the details

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Bathroom, Basement, Kitchen,  Multiple Rooms & Whole House

Ready to make things easy?

Schedule a Complimentary Discovery Call to discuss your project

When we decided to remodel our kitchen we asked for recommendations from a variety of people. Our contractor recommended Karin.


In our initial meeting I was struck by how well Karin listened, and the kinds of questions she asked. 


Over several rounds of design discussion, I appreciated how she offered suggestions that reached across the spectrum. Some I liked right away, and others surprised me. Having Karin lay out multiple options helped us consider things we would not have imagined ourselves. Two of the things I most love about our new kitchen happened because she was there to suggest them, and give us the confidence that the new elements would work. I really appreciated how timely she was in revising drafts, and making sure everyone was in the loop.


Karin was a professional through and through. She accompanied me to the cabinet showroom and helped me sort through the never-ending details that make up a kitchen remodel. She drafted plans, which were edited and revised multiple times as the design evolved. She also accompanied us to tile, granite and fixture showrooms. She sat in on meetings with the contractor and cabinet maker, which was really helpful. 


I cannot offer a higher recommendation. Along with being reliable, creative, attentive and professional, she was also personable. When we do future remodels on any part of our house, I will be calling her.


Debbie C

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