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Dim Office turned Bright Master Bath


How do you create a master bathroom in a dark, long, skinny room, with sharp angled ceilings?


Walk in shower, storage, closet, bright, light, have a vintage feel to go with house yet be modern.







My solution:

So I love a challenge and this one definitely was that. Not only did I have a lot to plan for, I also had very limiting confines in which to do it, as illustrated in the "before" picture.

This room was a long skinny box with a window on one end and a door on the other with limited ceiling height due to the sharp angled ceilings. These elements dictated the design.  

I started off by placing the closet in the back of the room to allow for privacy and to preserve the leaded glass window from moisture.

I chose a frosted glass door for the closet so natural light could still come into the rest of the room, adding a nice warm glow.

I used subway tile all along the back wall to create a focal point when you walk in. It also ties the two areas together making the space appear larger. The walk in shower opening is on an angle so it is more inviting, than an rectangle would be.

By using a vessel sink I created a vanity and placed it so that I could utilize every inch of the ceiling height to accommodate a medicine cabinet and lighting.

My solution:

In order to resolve the problem of storage, I decided to add a built-in adjacent to the sink. I am proud to say that I repurposed this piece that came from a dining room that someone pulled from an old house and listed on craigslist. I had the top cut down and the back modified slightly so it would fit the space. Had it installed, painted, added new hardware and a matching quartz top, and Voila...a beautiful built-in cabinet!
Not only is it extremely functional, it looks like its original to the house. 



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