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Home renovation in room full of painting

Do you have a challenging space?

A room that you want something more from?

We all have areas in our homes that we forget about, that are left looking thrown together or are so poorly planned that we tell ourselves that it’s only temporary.

We live with the intention of one day creating the space we dream about in the back of our minds.  But as time moves on, that dream becomes even more distant, and we tend to accept our thrown together look as not being so bad. That is until you see someone else’s house or take a trip and visit a place where things are put together and functional and you get a glimpse of what it's like to have a room that works for you, a space that actually alters your state of being, that supports the way you want to live, and that you would be proud to call yours.

Imagine preparing your meals in a kitchen that is more functional and designed with you in mind?  A living room that is put together and coordinated in a way that shows your unique style. A bedroom that is your own private sanctuary from the rest of the world.  A functional office that is easy to keep clean and organized because there is a place for everything. What might that look like?


For most of us, that’s the second hurdle.  We know we want something more, but we are unsure what that should be or how we go about getting it.

mature wife and husband cooking healthy

Get ready to discover the possibilities...

We begin the first part of the consultation, touring the areas of your home that you would like to discuss (usually 1 or 2 places). I will ask a series of questions about your taste, lifestyle and future plans. It is during this part of the consultation that I will begin to understand your current situation so that I can give you the most fitting recommendations.

* Paint & color pallet

* Furniture arrangement/space planning

* Defining personal style

* Accessorizing

* Window treatment

* How to apply the principles and elements of design to your home

* Provide Feedback on future remodeling plans


At the conclusion of our session, you are free to create the room of your dreams with the expert advice or if you are interested in receiving a quote for design services on a specific project, I am happy to prepare a quote. In fact, I will even rebate the cost of this visit back to you if you move forward with your project. Either way you walk away with something fabulous. So why not benefit from the services of a professional with a trained eye to help guide you through the process and keep you from making expensive mistakes?


Take the first step to realizing your dream.


Don't settle for the same old thrown together room, instead, discover the possibility that you can have the home of your dreams!


Cost of initial consultation:

$250 for up to 2 hours (rebatable within 30 days of signing design quote)

During the second half of the consultation, discover the ways that you can enhance your space and gain valuable insight on what works and what does not. What you should consider changing and what you can transform in order to reach your goals. Discussions can include but are not limited to:

Are you ready to discover your homes possibilities?

Yes! Let's get together for a Discover the Possibilities Consultation!

I'm looking forward to uncovering your home's possibilities!

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