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Let’s talk inspiration

inspiration board
Inspiration for kitchen design (scroll down for before and after)

What? Inspiration…”I thought YOU were the designer, aren’t you supposed to inspire me?”

Um, yes, I will…along with WOW you...but before I can, I have to have something that moves me...and that is you AND your space.

This my friends is called inspiration, my muse for which I guide myself. “But all I asked for was a living room. I don’t know why we need to get into inspiration, this is kinda deep don’t ya think?”

“I don't know if our relationship is quite there yet” might be thinking in your best Jim Gaffigan voice.

Rest assured, I am not getting philosophical on you or trying to put you outside your comfort zone. I find that the word inspiration can either intrigue and ignite a fire of vision, or adversely, be the wet blanket that puts it out.

Inspiration is everything to a creative type. We need it to do our job well. It’s what drives us and keeps us focused and from drowning in our own what ifs. Without it, we can’t take a project to the level we need to take it to. So where does one get inspiration? Can we get it on Amazon? How long will it take? Is there a Prime option? Funny, with a hint of truth…

Inspiration comes from you and can take many forms. Have you ever looked at a magazine and loved a picture so much that you felt you had to rip it out and save it? Does it resurface from time to time and each time you see it, you are still drawn to it and can’t part with it, so you file it again? There is inspiration in that picture, something that moves you beyond your current situation. Inspiration can come from an object, a place, even a photo taken on vacation. Do you have a plate or pillow, or some other item that makes you smile because you love the colors or pattern? Or, how about a painting that speaks to your soul because of the artist’s hap-hazard style and use of colors. Inspiration is boundless because there are no rules on what it needs to be. I personally love that. How freeing. Not to be told what can move you. So it seems simple, right? A no brainer, you find inspiration and you let that be a tool when making your choices? Well, ya, sorta…

Sometimes that inspiration is a direct translation, for instance capturing the color scheme used in a children’s book and transferring that into a playroom. Or other times, just using it as a loose reference for the feel you are going after. Where things get confusing is when inspiration crosses paths with the logical side of things. Sort of a left brain, right brain thing that happens, which is great if they work together like dancing partners, but not so great if they are boxers battling it out in your head. As much as we need that left brain asking questions of durability, and cost. We also need to muzzle it when it makes you move away from your inspiration by firing its fear tactics of “resale value” and images of family and friends telling you that you have lost your mind to paint your cabinets green. Why on earth would you do something that speaks to your “soul” instead of what everyone else is doing.

Here’s the irony, and what I know to be true: everyone wants to stand out in their own way. To be recognized for their own individual, unique self. For the outside world to get a glimpse of what is not always visible on the inside, especially for those of us who are introverts or find it difficult to express who we are on the world's stages. Inspiration is the ticket to showcasing that on your stage, your home.

While logic has its place in design for practical reasons like durability and comfort. And since a home’s resale value is part of most peoples retirement funds—things we can’t avoid and that determine some decisions—we can still conjure up inspiration to act as our compass so we design spaces that speak to our soul and transcend the test of time (and resale value ;)

Want to bring some inspiration into your space? Book a consultation with me and I’ll show you how.



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