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Step 6: Roll With the Changes and Celebrate the Outcome

When I started my 6 part series for my blog, I mapped out a plan that came to me effortlessly. I knew what each step would be and what I would discuss. But you know what? Even though I had a clear vision and a plan, and even though I am a person who meets deadlines at all costs, I am reminded that stuff happens. Things sometimes work out differently than you plan them. It happens to everyone, especially when you don't want it to or think you have it all figured out and nothing can go wrong. No one is immune to it; it's just a truth of life. 


You might be asking, didn't I create a plan for Step 5? 

Now you're telling me to roll with the changes?

Isn't that why you have a plan, so you minimize the changes? 

Yes, indeed, but even the best-intentioned plans have mishaps, as I will explain.  

This reminds me of a project with a particular granite specified for the kitchen counters. The counters were important to my client and kitchen remodel—our decisions for the rest of the space centered around the stone. After viewing many, we finally settled on one she loved. We were several months out from the start of construction, and the stone supplier assured us that the stock was consistent in appearance compared to others, so there was no urgency to purchase ahead of time. So we took our chances and relied on that information. 

Several months later, when we were ready to select and purchase the slabs, we didn't like any. And when I say any, I mean any. We looked at every place in the PNW that carried it. It turned out that particular granite was being quarried from another region and looked entirely different from our sample—so much so that it no longer worked with our color scheme, which meant we had to reselect.  

Reselection is never a fun thing to do and often makes you feel like you're walking away with less; after all, who wants a runner-up or second-best choice? But here is the thing: problems are opportunities. It's not a bad thing when things do not go as planned. It's an opportunity to realize something out there is better, yet to be realized. In the case of this project, it forced us to reselect a different stone, and that stone led us to consider doing a tile backsplash instead of the granite. We found a gorgeous tile that went beautifully with the new granite.

After it was installed, my client was over the moon with it all, thanking her lucky stars for her good fortune. 

That's the second part: if you roll with the changes, believe they're for the best, and be open to what comes in their place, it will work out and then some. I find that you get something even better. But the key is to be open-minded.

The reality is that a job rarely goes without hiccups. Be it backorders, cost overruns, or project delays, you can count on something not going according to plan. Instead of letting that cast a shadow of gloom and doom, think of it as giving you a spotlight on how you might make this an opportunity. If you can roll with hiccups and changes that come up on your project, it will make the celebration that much sweeter.  

Pass the bubbly and cheers to the outcomes...future, past, and present!

If you know someone who needs some inspiration and guidance for their future remodel or is experiencing a hiccup, please consider sharing this with them.

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