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Step 2: Dream Big

Updated: 4 days ago

It's time to start dreaming. This is where the fun begins. Notice a smile wash over your face as you get lost in your desires. You are turning the corner and all the pent up discontentment that I unleashed last week can be used to create energy to fuel this journey. Dream big, let yourself go, be inspired by things you see and like. Don’t put any limits on yourself, now is the time to have fun. Pretend someone is taking your order and whatever you answer is yours.

Dream of that glorious kitchen with oodles of counter space and amazing finishes! You planned it so well that imagining yourself cooking in that space gives new meaning to ergonomics. Form those detailed pictures in your head and be specific. Imagine all the dinner parties you will host, and all the shared family moments that will happen in your new kitchen.

Dream of entering your home placing your keys, coat and shoes where they belong with the knowledge that they will be available whenever you are in a rush. What would that look like? If you can’t imagine it, then look online for inspiration and gather examples of things that catch your eye.

Dream of entering your bathroom. What would make it a place that feels just right? Do you want a walk in shower? Freestanding tub? Both? How about a double vanity? Or separate vanities with tons of storage?

Dream you are walking into that living room that is so cool and sophisticated, and so uniquely yours that you can’t help but hear all of the compliments you’ll receive. What will it feel like to host your next book club at your house or family holiday?

Let yourself relish in the idea of all that may be possible! Have more than one dream? Great, let yourself go!

Now a word of caution, as easy as it is to dream, it's just as easy to talk yourself out of your dreams. Resist this, there will be time later to refine things, trust me on that. This is supposed to be a fun exercise, if you are finding that its stressful then you might be trying to judge your dreams. All you need to do right now is to enjoy them. Collect whatever information comes from them–– Pinterest boards, magazine clippings, write your thoughts down, make a list. This will help you anchor that dream.

Stay tuned till next week where I will discuss Step 3: of my 6 part series - Turning Your Remodel Into a Reality.

Happy Dreaming!


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