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Step 3: Clearing

Updated: Apr 16

Now that you have wonderful visions of your new space floating around in your head, it's time for our next step. Clearing which makes space for those dreams.

Clearing is both a mental and physical task.

Let’s start with the physical side first. The goal is to create physical space. Now is the time to go through, clear out and reorganize. Be honest with yourself. Get rid of what you don’t need or don’t use.

First ask yourself what items are you still using. Then keep the things that matter and that are useful and then pass on, donate or just get rid of the old stuff that doesn’t fit your vision.

If you have several of the same items, like three rolling pins taking up space in your kitchen drawer, keep the one that gives you the most joy and then pass the other two on with warm regards. Let go of the ones that don’t bring you joy.

If you are wondering how to determine what items bring you joy, let's go back to my rolling pin example. For me, I know I would keep the rolling pin that brings me joyful memories, like the one of me making my first pie from scratch and then later fun memories of my kids using it. I’m keeping this one even if it’s just a plain piece of wood, not a top of the line rolling pin.

If you find you really need three rolling pins even though you aren’t a baker, and they don’t bring you any joy but just a sense of loss when you think of giving them up, then ask yourself “why?” You might be surprised with your answer and the awareness just may give you a nudge to let go of it.

Are you catching my drift?

Clearing gives you the opportunity to go through your stuff and see what you really need and want. By reorganizing and streamlining your current space, you are welcoming the new in.

Now for the mental clearing, it’s time to do away with beliefs that are limiting your vision. You know the little voice that tells you “this will never happen” or “it will cost too much” or “my spouse will never agree” or “I can’t have just one rolling pin?” No more accepting these negative and limiting beliefs. It’s time to focus on the possibilities.

By clearing these limiting beliefs you will make space for what you want and will open the doorway so you can walk towards your remodeling dreams.

This may sound silly or even a little crazy. Yet, it’s a very important step to make way for your remodel to become a reality. Do this step and watch the magic unfold.

Till next week when I’ll bring you step 4.

Happy Clearing!



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