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Step 4: Share Your Vision

Have you ever had an amazing new vision for your home but been too scared to share it aloud because you were concerned of what other people's negative thoughts or opinions might be?

What if you shared your ideas with a supportive partner or friend or even design professional? How would it feel if someone else saw it with you and got excited about your vision?

Having a witness is powerful because it causes you to own your vision. When we do this, we move beyond our dreams for our home to actually believing we can make them a reality.

This can be as simple as casually saying to a friend, “When I remodel our kitchen in the spring, I really want to look into opening up the space so I can see into the living room.”

Or, you can share your vision when a friend asks, “What’s with all these boxes in the kitchen?” By responding, “I’m just making room for my new kitchen remodel this spring.”

Boom! Did you just say “remodel” and “spring” in the same sentence? You are owning your vision.

Now share that vision a step further. Share it with a design professional. Let’s say me :)

The first step is to set up an in home consultation.

Let me walk you though what that entails.

First, we talk on the phone and set a time to meet at your home so I can see the space in person.

At the appointment we'll discuss your inspiration and share photos and ideas of things you like to have in your space. I will ask you a bunch of questions, including what are your goals? Must haves? And style preferences?

While all this is happening I evaluate the space in my head, I take this information and look at the feasibility of what can be done to the space. Does the floor plan need to be improved upon to meet your needs? Are the architectural features being honored? What is the best way to harmonize the new space with the rest of the house?

As I take in what you’ve told me and assess your space, I will give you valuable feedback and ideas on what can work, and how best to proceed. The main point of this consultation is to help you streamline your thoughts so that vision can become stronger and clearer. This is an essential part of turning your remodel into a reality.

This clarity will really make your project take flight.

See how sharing your vision leads you one step closer to getting the space of your dreams. Next week I will share Step 5: Create a Plan.

Until then...happy sharing!



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